Friday, May 27, 2011

Get in the Game

We live in a nation of sports fans.  Last night I was watching the Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern conference finals of the NBA.  With little over four (4) minutes left the Bulls were leading the Heat by over ten (10) points.  The camera shots of people in Miami who were standing out front of the Miami arena showed people who were upset, somber and uncertain.  In the stands in Chicago the fans were celebrating and certain of a win.  Suddenly Dewayne Wade caught fire and began to hit shots beyond the three (3) point line and they switched back to Miami and what you saw was people jumping and yelling and celebrating and back in Chicago they were somber and uncertain.  The Miami Heat would eventually come all the way back and win this game in the final seconds.  The fans in Miami celebrated because they knew they were headed to the finals and the fans in Chicago were down because they knew they were headed home and there would be no more games. 

As I watched this game unfold I realized something very essential.  Looking at the FANS I saw that they could one REACT to what the people in the GAME were doing.  REACTING can be a serious problem because it requires someone else to do something.  The FANS watching that game had their emotions swing back and forth based upon the actions of the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls.  I wondered what the fans thought.  Many of the Fans shouted instruction, gave critism, complained or whatever during the game but they never really could have a true impact becasue they were never in the GAME. 

When I realized this I decided to write today and share with you the importance of getting in the GAME of your life.  If you stand on the sidelines and REACT to what is happening you will always be upset or happy and never certain as to what is coming next.  If you get in the GAME and do something about your life and your visions and your goals you will find a greater opportunity at impact your own life as opposed to letting life just happen.  I am reminded of the many people we celebrate today and each of them had to get in the Game in order to impact others and themselves.  People like Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Jimmy Carter, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, Abraham Lincoln, Billy Graham and so many more got in the Game and made things happen. 

I encourage and admonish you to GET in the GAME.  Standing by watching life will not satisfy you.  You have been gifted by God to do something, to make something happen, to impact your world and your own life so get up and get out the stands and get on the field and do what you know how to do and make it happen...GET IN THE GAME.

Duane Youngblood

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