Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Be the best You....

In a world of copies so much greatness is lost.  If we only were satisfied being the unique person God designed us to be.  I know so many people who spend nights and days studying others and never learning the unique qualities they have been given by the creator.  I would suggest to you my friends that you spend 3 times as much time understanding yourself than you do others.  A life spent on others will eventually be a miserable and boring life. 

Your uniqueness and uncommon traits make you the perso you are and prepare you for the journey you currently are on.  Make up your mind to be TOTALLY you.  Make up you mind to be satisfied being you and loving the YOU God created.  The world will not value what you don't value about yourself.  If you treat you well so will they.  Get over the unnecessary comparisons and see that you alone can be you and do what you do. 

Your ultimate worship to God will be when you totally embrace all he made you to be and do all he placed you here to do.  Now go and enjoy the day learning who you really are in Christ and because of Him.

Duane Youngblood

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