Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kingdom Living Blog by Duane Youngblood

I have come to realize we live in a day where encouragement and inspiration as so necessary.  Many people are looking through the window of other peoples lives daily, only to exploit what they have seen and many are being wounded daily by the very journey live has set them on.  I am a man who has seen a great deal and who has been through a great deal.  I know failure and I know success.  I have learned that you can ecover from anything and in order to process your life you will need people who believe in you no matter what.

I am thankful that I have been provided, by God, some people who believe in my like that and through their encouragement I stand today when many people having faced what I have faced in life would have given up and just walked away from the necessary path.  I am writing this blog to encourage you to run your race, stay in your lane and finish because no matter what it personally cost you in the end it will have been worth it because you will set a standard for someone and created hope in a heart that otherwise may have given up.

I almost quit.  I almost gave up.  I thought about walking away because the pressure of moving forward seemed so great.  I am glad I did not quit and I am glad I did not give up.  What I have learned I will share freely with you and I hope you will take it and run with it and use it to bless someone else.  Remember, never return evil for evil and when people tell you who you are do not believe them if you know you are someone else.  I am asking you to follow this blog  by clicking follow to the right or go to the follow by email box below and putting your email address in the box and if you know of anyone else needing sound encouragement please invite them to follow too.  Now be blessed and have a prosperous week and keep listening to the people who love you cause they sound more like God than any other voice.

Duane Youngblood

Friday, May 27, 2011

Get in the Game

We live in a nation of sports fans.  Last night I was watching the Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern conference finals of the NBA.  With little over four (4) minutes left the Bulls were leading the Heat by over ten (10) points.  The camera shots of people in Miami who were standing out front of the Miami arena showed people who were upset, somber and uncertain.  In the stands in Chicago the fans were celebrating and certain of a win.  Suddenly Dewayne Wade caught fire and began to hit shots beyond the three (3) point line and they switched back to Miami and what you saw was people jumping and yelling and celebrating and back in Chicago they were somber and uncertain.  The Miami Heat would eventually come all the way back and win this game in the final seconds.  The fans in Miami celebrated because they knew they were headed to the finals and the fans in Chicago were down because they knew they were headed home and there would be no more games. 

As I watched this game unfold I realized something very essential.  Looking at the FANS I saw that they could one REACT to what the people in the GAME were doing.  REACTING can be a serious problem because it requires someone else to do something.  The FANS watching that game had their emotions swing back and forth based upon the actions of the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls.  I wondered what the fans thought.  Many of the Fans shouted instruction, gave critism, complained or whatever during the game but they never really could have a true impact becasue they were never in the GAME. 

When I realized this I decided to write today and share with you the importance of getting in the GAME of your life.  If you stand on the sidelines and REACT to what is happening you will always be upset or happy and never certain as to what is coming next.  If you get in the GAME and do something about your life and your visions and your goals you will find a greater opportunity at impact your own life as opposed to letting life just happen.  I am reminded of the many people we celebrate today and each of them had to get in the Game in order to impact others and themselves.  People like Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Jimmy Carter, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, Abraham Lincoln, Billy Graham and so many more got in the Game and made things happen. 

I encourage and admonish you to GET in the GAME.  Standing by watching life will not satisfy you.  You have been gifted by God to do something, to make something happen, to impact your world and your own life so get up and get out the stands and get on the field and do what you know how to do and make it happen...GET IN THE GAME.

Duane Youngblood

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stay in your lane

Recently I went to see my daughter run a track meet where the top five people in each race would qualify for the state championships.  My daughter runs the 100 yard dash and does extremely well at it.  Before the 100 yard dash is run for girls, they run the 100 meter hurdles for girls.  In the finals for the 100 meter hurdles there was a young lady who had been warming up and looked like a sure favorite to win it all.  I heard her coaches talking behind me about how well she had done all season and that they expected her to place at the state championships next week.  This young lady and seven (7) others lined up in the blocks and the starter raised his gun and then called "set" and then fired the gun.  These eight (8) young ladies moved rapidly out the blocks and the young lady I refered to got off to a great start, however, she tripped over the first hurdle and ran out of her lane.  When she ran out of her lane the judge raised a red flag and she was disqualified from the race.  Though she is a great and gifted young lady she did not make it to the finals where she was sure to place.  She did not make it because she did not stay in her lane. 

My friends I want to encourage you today to know that you have a lane designed for you by God and in that lane no one can be better than you and you win every time.  In your lane your skills and abilities look their best and in your lane you will be happiest.  There is no need to compare yourself to others who are in the race just run your race and stay in your lane.  If you are a writer, then write.  If you are a singer, then sing.  If you are a teacher, then teach.  Whatever you do make sure you like it and you are gifted for it.  If you do these things you will have great success in life and in the kingdom.

Duane Youngblood

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Be the best You....

In a world of copies so much greatness is lost.  If we only were satisfied being the unique person God designed us to be.  I know so many people who spend nights and days studying others and never learning the unique qualities they have been given by the creator.  I would suggest to you my friends that you spend 3 times as much time understanding yourself than you do others.  A life spent on others will eventually be a miserable and boring life. 

Your uniqueness and uncommon traits make you the perso you are and prepare you for the journey you currently are on.  Make up your mind to be TOTALLY you.  Make up you mind to be satisfied being you and loving the YOU God created.  The world will not value what you don't value about yourself.  If you treat you well so will they.  Get over the unnecessary comparisons and see that you alone can be you and do what you do. 

Your ultimate worship to God will be when you totally embrace all he made you to be and do all he placed you here to do.  Now go and enjoy the day learning who you really are in Christ and because of Him.

Duane Youngblood