Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting to the people God called you too

I woke up early this morning and the Lord was impressing upon my heart a new book.  I found this very interesting because I am just releasing a book tomorrow.  I knew I was hearing God though because he began to show me the chapters for this new book.  What I heard God say was help people get to the people they are sent too. 

Immediately I saw a person in a car knowing they needed to be somewhere at a particular time but uncertain of where it was nor how to find it.  I believe many of us have been in that place and may still be there.  What I saw was the many things that happen on the road to the place I call "My Appointment". 

From what I have written so far I hope you see that the first piece of information we all need to know is where the appointment is.  The problem with that belief is that we may ignore the reality that God is using your story to get you to the people who will need your journey as much as they need you.  Wow what a reality!  My journey matters!  The enemy of our minds and even some people will try to make you deny your story or forget your story but God's plan includes it.

We really need to know that God will not reveal "My Appointment" until he gets us to embrace the journey.  The journey prepares us for the people prepared for us.  We must walk in the steps ordered though and delight in knowing that by the influence and power of an all knowing God we will arrive.  I am not suggesting that you have nothing to do in this matter because you do.  I am really suggesting the critical importance of allowing the hand of God freedom in your life to help you navigate through the places we call "Traffic", "Broken Down", "Accidents", "Lost" and "Moving too slow".  On the journey to "My Appointment" I may encounter all of these but they are going to be a part of my preparation as I am finally shown the people I am sent too. 

Many of us got started in ministry thinking we knew who we were called to.  Remember Paul in the scriptures, he was having the Believing Jews thrown in jail, killed etc.  He felt is was the right thing to do until his journey took him on the road to Damascus.  It was there a light shined on him and revealed more of the plan for his life.  Paul was a strong radical Jew and now found himself being called to go to Gentiles who he had nothing in common with.  God took him to the desert and to the place called alone and there he showed him "The Appointment".  Paul saw the people he was really called to reach and he went after it with all his might.

I promise you that you will have your Paul moment.  I remember mine.  I was sitting in a jail cell and God said this to me "You have agreed to do 2/3's of what I called you to do now I need you to accept the last 1/3".  When I said yes things began to work out for me and writing this blog addresses some of the people I am called too.  You see God is on time but not our time.  He is wise but not with man's wisdom.  If you and I simply learn to stay engaged in our own lives and continue to walk we will see that the journey, with all it's issues is priceless because when we get to the place called "My Appointment" and look back we see it all in a whole new light.  I know I am and I am sure you will too.  Keep moving!

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