Thursday, March 7, 2013

All in the Family

Week after week after week I meet people or counsel them and I hear the same concerns and questions.  People really want to know what they have been called of God to do.  We have filled out spiritual gift questionnaires and we have attended seminars and yet many people are uncertain about what they really are in the earth to do.

In 1 Chronicles chapter 25 we see the structure of the Musical organization under King David.  The chapter highlights three men who served in the worship.  The three men mentioned are Heman, Asaph and Jeduthun.  Heman was the lead singer, Asaph was the Choir director and Jeduthun was the lead musician.  As chapter 25 opens up we see a very familiar way of doing things, by Kingdom design, being highlighted.  In verse one it highlights the three men and their leadership and verses two through five highlight the children of these three men and how they worked under the hands(authority) of their fathers.

I believe God is all wisdom and knowledge and he has set order in place so we don't have to spend our entire lifetimes searching for answers that are already within us.  This passage noted above shows us that when it comes to purpose it is "All in the Family".  God literally calls a family and by family I mean several generations.  He then gifts that family with certain gifts and skills to accomplish a task that will assist his strategic mission in the earth of reaching and redeeming all men. 

How many times have you seen this play out and yet we miss it when it comes to us.  I am reminded of Archie Manning who played quarterback for the New Orleans Saints many years ago.  He had two sons, Peyton and Eli.  Those two sons both made it to the NFL, like their father, and both won Super bowls.  Playing football in the backyard with their father was common because it was what they were gifted to do.  You see when God places something within the family system everyone connected can strengthen it or weaken it.  We strengthen it by submitting to God's choice of our family and we weaken it by trying to do what we want to do.  I totally believe in freedom and choice and that God does not force us but within that I believe he loves us enough to tell us to look within the family system to see what we were called to do.

Some of you reading this have not had people serving God in your family system for a couple generations but that does not stop what I am sharing with you.  When God places a call on the family it can be seen, even in those who refuse to submit to it.  The bottom line is there is a purpose and call on your family and since you are in that family it is alive and well.  Now that calling will take you through some test and trials because you will have to sell out to using what you have for God, but after the fire you will see the benefit of saying yes to the reason he gifted you and placed you.

Now I also must tell you that God made no mistake placing you in the family he did.  He placed you for his purpose and not theirs.  People may never tell God yes and maybe you have and it seems like wrong family, but I assure you that your yes will pay off.  The thing you must do is look at the common gifting or placement of your family.  If you cannot see it ask people in the family what prior generations did.  I promise you there is commonness in your gifts and your family calling.  Many people reject God and one generation suffers but you are called to repair breaches within your family and restore paths for them to walk on by using what you have been freely given to serve the Lord and his Kingdom agenda.

Do not be discouraged your best days are just ahead.  Submit to God with all your heart and ask him to show you what he meant when he placed you in the family he placed you in.  He made no mistake.  Don't commit suicide thinking you are a misfit.  Maybe you sit with people who rejected the call but when you ask God for the old path of your family he will show you the path and the future and joy will break forth in your YES to him.  Try it and see.  David had it, Isaac had it, Timothy had it, and so do you. 

Duane Youngblood

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