Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maximizing your Life Circles

I am a firm believer that we have five circles of relationships that we need to maximize.  The five circles of relationships each have specific purposes and when we learn how to relate effectively within those circles we will find our lives being lived at their maximum level. 

The five circles are God and Me, Friends of the Heart, Friends of Life, Associates and Everyone else.  As I stated before each circle has a purpose.  The first circle is the primary one of life and it is the one the strengthens all the rest.  If this first circle is non-existent, out of balance, uncultivated or ignored the other circles of relationships will not receive the greatest benefit from being related to you.  Too many of us are looking to the outer four circles for fulfillment and for connection when the true life fulfillment and connecte we need and desire start with a personal relationship with God.

This relationship is possible because of the work of Jesus Christ on Calvary.  As a business professional or student seeking your education or business owner it is critical that you place priority on this relationship because the peace you will need to deal with all the other circles and the other demands that will come upon you will come from this personal relationship you cultivate with God.  Love, Trust, Peace and Vision all find their true foundation in this first circle.  If you miss this circle your view on these words will be off.  If you cultivate this circle your view and usage of these words in the other circles will be at the most beneficial level and you and others will be better for it.

I encourage you to consider the five circles of your life and learn to live from the inside out.  What you settle on the inside you can easily express on the outside.  I will continue to write on ths subject in days to come.  Now go make today happen and take God with you.

Duane Youngblood

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